The Wimbledon dress

I spotted a picture of Pippa Middleton in Vogue at Wimbledon this year wearing a lovely dress. Its a simple grey and white dress with a full, pleated skirt and cap sleeved bodice. However its very definitely a summer dress.

Pippa Middleton Wimbledon dress


I’m planning on making something a bit similar and about 10 sizes bigger! but to do a slightly darker grey with a navy contrast. The hope is then that I can wear it in Autumn/Winter with a pair of tights.

Pattern: Simplicity 2886

I wouldn’t have looked twice at this pattern if it wasn’t for the fabulous blog Make This Look


Grey 100% cotton from Green Circle Crafts – I buy from them via Ebay.

Navy polycotton from Craftysewnsews12 – again from Ebay.

Light blue anti-static lining fabric – bought ages ago no idea where

Grey fabric Wimbledon dress 2014-07-14 11.04.04

So I started the bodice fully intending to put a cap sleeve on it. Unfortunately I got watching a good episode of 2014-07-14 20.41.56
Revenge and was totally distracted. So first I forgot to put the cap sleeve on and second I sewed the bodice lining to the bodice inside out and had to pull it apart and start all over again.

Note to self – stop watching TV when doing important fiddly bits.


I decided to do the side zip a little different from the pattern says. It was meant to be a bit untidy with the two sides folder in and a lapped zip inserted. I wanted to bury the zip between the lining and the outer bodice so I’ve pinned it in place before attaching the skirt. 2014-07-14 21.49.01 Hopefully this will make it neater when I finish things off.2014-07-14 21.50.53

Here is the finished bodice. Next steps – skirt.

The skirt was pretty straight forward. The only awkward bit was the zip (my nemesis). The pattern asked for a 14″ zip but they only had 16″ in the shop – this meant it hung down near the pocket. However I’m very chuffed with the result. I’m naming this ‘Best Zip Ever’!

IMG_4450 IMG_4454

Adding the contrasting colour to the skirt was a little fiddly. I messed up cutting the pattern apparently so the back piece was a little too short. After some head scratching I managed to bodge it with very short seam allowances.

So here is the finished product! My Wimbledon dress.

IMG_4473 IMG_4471 IMG_4469 IMG_4470

Unfortunately I realised once I’d finished the dress that I didn’t have any shoes to go with it. Guess who had to go shopping??

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