Floral cord tunic dress

So I adapted the spotty tunic I made Lily into a longer dress.

Its gotten to the point in time where my obsession with fabric is rubbing off onto others. My sister found this black floral cord in a stash of materials her school was throwing out. So clearly she thought of me! There were some other excellent fabrics in the stash including a funky navy and red sailor fabric which will clearly have to be a sailor dress once I get round to it.

So using similar methods as for the tunic I set to work.

IMG_4619 IMG_4620 IMG_4621

The main difference this time is I lined the bodice with a light weight pink poplin I had in my stash. This sped up things immensely as I didn’t have to deal with neck facings or cap sleeves. As this is intended to be an Autumn/Winter dress making it a bit thicker and warmer is clearly a bonus. I didn’t line the spotty tunic because it was a summer top and it would make it too hot.

The other difference I made was I attached the tunic bottom half in the classic way like you would a dress. I thought the cord was too thick to try the fancy fold over method I used for the spotty tunic. I also put some of the pink lining fabric as a contrasting band across the chest. I think it looks pretty and provides a nice contrast.


And here it is! Once again – full kudos to Boden for taking photos of toddlers for their catalogue. One word – nightmare!

IMG_4632  IMG_4635  IMG_4634


So this was definately a dress to grow into. I decided to make a small adjustment to the shoulders since it was huge. I added a little black ribbon to each to tighten it up. Looks very pretty too!

IMG_4645  IMG_4642


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