Animal print fat day dress

I recently made this animal print dress. The fabric may not be to everyone’s taste but I struggle to like the ‘normal’ colours and patterns others like.

From flicking through various websites it seems simple shift dresses are still ‘in’. I reckon the reason is they are so forgiving. Fat day, skinny day, just snarfed a massive curry day. You name it they can all be forgiven by the loose shift dress.

Pattern: New Look 6145 6145
Fabric: Crepe De chine from eBay seller
How long: 3-4 hours – I got distracted by the Great British Baker Off so it could probably have been a lot quicker! Its such a simple dress its a good one to run up the night before a night out.


It’s an unlined dress. Consists of 5 patterns pieces for the body and the sleeves are optional.


All in all this dress is very quick to put together. The pattern has no quirks – everything fits together great. Basically if you’re going out on Friday and you have nothing to wear you could realistically knock this dress up on the Thursday night. That makes it a winner in my book.

IMG_4674IMG_4668 IMG_4688

(Yes the colour in your computer hasn’t gone crazy – I dyed my hair pink in a fit of madness!)

Its got quite a short skirt to the dress. For a night out with thick opaque tights its a winner. However if I wanted to make this into a work dress I’d have to lengthen the skirt. That might make it a bit sack like if you keep the longer sleeves.

Last winter I also made a dark green version of this dress and finished the sleeves and bottom hem with black lace to make it more dressy. For that one I did the full collar version.

IMG_4685    IMG_4684


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