Dressmaking class a go go

I’ve done it. I’ve finally made it to my first dressmaking class.

I’m really lucky that our council supports adult education classes. So I’ve signed up for a 7 week course, 2 hours a week for the princely sum of £45. Yep that’s £3.20 an hour for a dress making class. Such good value. All the private classes I’ve looked at are £10-£20 an hour.

So you’d think we’d get some crappy old Home Ec teacher who has limited experience but noooooo our teacher Alex is very talented and enthusiastic. She’s exceptionally well trained and throws anecdotes about like ‘when I had a shop on the Kings Road I sold these cracking coats and one of them was featured in Vogue’.

The class is very varied. From one lady who is on her third week of sewing ever (!) to another lady who works for a fabric company and is making the most amazing winter coat.

Last night I took along a tea-dress I’ve started making. Its in crepe-de-chine fabric which I’m not very experienced with – its all slippy and annoying. Because I was in class I didn’t think I could take photos as I go along but I’ll (wo)man up next week and take some images so I can see how it goes.

Pattern: Simplicity 6183 – Tea-dress

6183_env_front Newlook 6183

Fabric: PALACE CREPE FLORAL PRINT- supplier Fashionfabrics4All on Ebay (of course!)

2014-09-10 21.17.14

As it turned out I didn’t take any more photos of the making. I remembered it was a family christening on Sunday and had nothing to wear so it was all hands to the pump to get this dress finished.

So what do I think of the pattern? Lovely. Just lovely. I would make this dress again in a flash.

I was concerned about the ruching around the tummy area. In the past when I’ve had dresses with detail here its just drawn attention to my tummy which despite hours of zumba post-baby is still on the flabby side.

The only issue I had with this pattern was the bust area. Almost every pattern I’ve used so far expects women to have smaller busts than their hips. As a classic hourglass shape I can assure you my bust is a similar width to my hips.


As I was in a rush I didn’t bother checking the fit before I cut my fabric. BIG MISTAKE! Next time I’m going to faff about making a voile for the bust area so I can check what fits. As you can see from this photo it doesn’t fit  – the bust line of the dress is currently about 2 inches up my boob rather than sitting flush against the rib cage. Thankfully by using a darker colour it isn’t so obvious unless you are particularly looking at my chest.

So all in all a lovely shaped dress – suitable for dressing up or dressing down. As it turned out the fabric was lovely to work with. It will probably be too hot to wear in summer since it has rayon in it but I’d happily recreate this in a cooler cotton.

IMG_4898 (yep hair is still pink!)
 IMG_4902 IMG_4903 IMG_4906



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