Capri sailor trousers Part II

Here is the finished product that I introduced in Capri trousers for toddlers


wpid-20141004_082835.jpg 2014-10-04 08.28.39

(Ignore the spots and snot above the neck. She’s had hand foot and mouth and has been rather poorly)

I have to say I’m rather chuffed with these trews. They’re pretty natty. This fabric is just fabby – I’d love to know where I could find more of it from but maybe it’s for the best as otherwise there’d be dancing sailors all over my wardrobe and Lily’s. And probably my husbands too!


I went for a contrasting colour on the ruffles on the end of each leg. I’m not one for a subtle use of colour – others may go for more ‘soothing’ colours a la the photos in the book.


I also went for a contrasting colour inside the waistband. I went off plan for the waistband and went for an elastic one all the way round. Because my daughter wears reusable nappies most of the time she has a ‘shelf’ for a bum. So I needed the trousers to be baggy enough to pull over her giant bum but cope with her normal sized waist. This is clearly not an issue for toddlers wearing disposables.



As you can see they’re still quite big on her. I’m hoping that as they are capri pants they’ll cope with her legs getting longer and longer and will last us til next summer.


I’ll be gutted when she grows out of these bad boys.

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