50’s swing skirt and bodice

So I’ve been invited to a black tie function at Edinburgh Castle in November for St Andrews day!


My husbands best man is an Army Officer and is lucky enough to live in Edinburgh Castle on his current tour of duty. This means we’ve been able to pop into Edinburgh Castle regularly over the last year for brunch, dinner, drinks etc. But this is the first Black tie event he’s had since living there.

I’m therefore massively excited as its given me an excuse to make something new and swanky. But of course there are a number of challenges.

Challenge 1: The Castle is freaking cold at the best of times but in November it will be distinctly chilly.

Challenge 2: This is an Army function so anything too mad might not help our friend in his career progression.

Challenge 3: Scary ass cobble stones as you go into the Castle

Challenge 4: Chris has a tendency to demand we do jager bombs at his parties.

So I need an outfit that is warm, prim and proper (but still fun), can be worn with flats or heels and will keep my dignity if too many jager bombs results in a spot of falling over drunkeness (sheesh – I’m someone’s mother now. You’d think that would all be behind me).

Plan of action: Butterick 5748 (vintage pattern)


I made this dress for a friends wedding over the summer and I loved it. Here’s the dress I made for the summer wedding along with my equine friend.

2014-05-17 16.18.16

The plan for this event though is to break it into a separate skirt and peplum bodice. My reason for this is I hope I will get more wear out of separates.

I’m doing the top as a peplum top with the skirt intended to go on over the peplum. This I’m hoping will give it more ‘oomph’ and act as a bit of a bustle. Since the Castle is so cold I’m thinking of making a separate petticoat if I have the time.


Skirt mulberry red floral 100% cotton – Greencircle crafts on Ebay

Bodice grey 100% cotton – Greencircle crafts on Ebay again.

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