Amazing fit trousers? My arse!

I made trousers for the first time.


They *look* Ok.


Were they easy? Were they heck.


I used one of the Amazing Fit patterns after reading a bunch of sewing reviews about how good this pattern is. Clearly these people are far smarter than me because I thought this pattern was a nightmare.


Pattern: Simplicity 1696
Fabric: stretch denim on sale on Minerva crafts for £4 a metre and some stripey lining fabric also from Minerva for the pockets.

First off – sizing.

You measure your hips and your waist and it can tell you if you’re an average fit or curvy fit. I was average apparently.
Then you choose your pattern size according to your measurements.

Horrifyingly it said I was an 18 *faints*. But the rule of sewing patterns is I shouldn’t look at the size – just the fit.

I was worried though – the pieces looked huuuuuuuge. So before I did anything I tacked the pieces together just to see what they looked like and it turns out I was making gigantic clown pants not close fitting slim fit trousers. Gaaaa.

Anyway – again I decided to suspend reality and just follow the pattern and see where it took me.

The fly was a bit of a fiddle but looks quite good I think. I liked the pockets though they’re probably overly big for my needs. I ditched the fake pockets on the back – I tried a few ways of putting them on but they all looked fake and rubbish.

Finally it came to the fitting. I had hoped once I’d done all the fiddly bits the trousers might be more of a reasonable size but they weren’t – they were still huge. Even more annoying the waistband pieces were about 2 inches too short so I had to bodge some new ones with scraps.

All in all I took 5 inches off the waist – 5 freaking inches!


Like I say – amazing fit my arse!

IMG_4939  IMG_4941  IMG_4942  IMG_4945

After these photos were taken I reduce the waist band size in half to make them less Simon Cowel’esk. I also adjusted the crotch a bit since it was a bit baggy.

I will try again though with this pattern but will start with a much smaller size. I might also ditch the front pockets or at least make them smaller and less bulky. I think I’ll also make the trousers a touch longer. I don’t have long legs but even for me they’re just an inch too short.

So overall my summary is: They’re not terrible. Damming praise? Probably.

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