A spot (stripe!) of upcycling

I had this top that had shrunk oh no I definitely hadn’t put on weight it was the top promise and was too tight over the hips. When wearing the top it would roll up and expose my nasty mum tum to the world.

But I loved the fabric. Also importantly – it had long sleeves. Despite the fact that I live in Scotland – a country renowned for its clement (!) Winter weather I find buying dresses with sleeves nigh on impossible. I’m bored of wearing pretty dresses and having to wear a cardigan over it.

So the plan? Cut up the top and turn it into a new dress.


Pattern: Vogue 8685
Fabric: Red jersey fabric from Sri Lanka


Here’s the second bit of upcycling. I made a dress for my friends wedding last year. My daughter was only 4 weeks old and I was breastfeeding feeding. I wanted a dress that could cover my saggy post baby tummy and cope with the ginormous bazookas that were my boobs. Result? This dress.


(Clearly I was rather self conscious still this day as this is the only photo I could find of me that includes anything below the neck)

I still like the dress but thought I’d get more wear out of it as a nursing top whenever we next have a child.

So all in all this was an easy easy make. The only bodge job I had to do was the upper midriff pieces front and back were larger than the width of the top. I decided to make a feature of joining pieces by turning the stripe sideways.


In total this took 1 and 1/2 hours – that’s probably quicker than getting the bus into town and going shopping! Yee hah!

I really love this vogue pattern though. I’ve already made 2 dresses from it and plan many more….

IMG_4967 IMG_4957  IMG_4968

3 thoughts on “A spot (stripe!) of upcycling

  1. That looks gorgeous Lesley. I am very impressed. The only addition I would make is to put a couple of small belt holder at the sides to keep the belt in place.


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