While she was sleeping sewing

My daughter is growing like a weed. She’s a beast. And even worse – she’s due to grow out of most of her clothes around Christmas time when we’ll be as skint as skint can be.

So I’ve been bashing out some quick and easy clothes for her to try to fill some of the gaps in her wardrobe until her Christmas money comes in.

I have one trouser sewing pattern for her (see the amazing sailor capri trousers) so I’ve made 3 trousers from various fabrics – elephants, Kenyan kikoy fabric and some flannel lined blue ones that used to be my nephews curtains.

Sadly as you’ll see taking photos of toddlers is not my forte so this is as good as it gets.




I’ve also made a couple of tunic tops for her that button down the back. I don’t have a pattern as such – I just draw round one of her existing t shirts and stretch it a bit. Anyway they’re not hideous and it keeps the child from freezing her bits off.



It’s keeping me busy but I’m keeping my real sewing for Tuesday night sewing class.


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