Joining the bunting bandwagon

I made pocket advent calendars last year. They were a disaster though. Firstly because despite 3 university degrees I only managed to count to 17. Secondly I made the pockets too small for human sized sweeties. They were roughly big enough for a midget gem.


(I do most of my sewing at the moment when the child is having her afternoon nap. Therefore my must have accessory is the baby monitor!)

So this year I’ve binned the rubbish advent calendars and attempted one of those lovely bunting calendars I keep seeing on Pinterest and Etsy for £50+

The ‘Christmas’ fabric has unsurprisingly gone muchos expensive this month so plumped for red and green gingham fabric and some plain cream – it was about £4 a metre but I only needed about a fat quarter. I went for simple stocking shapes.

It took me roughly one F1 world championship final to cut and sew all the stockings. I then decided to embroider the numbers on. This took me roughly 1 episode of Strictly Come Dancing and 1 awful (couldn’t find the remote) episode of X factor.

I’m quite chuffed with this.



They’ll definitely fit chocolate in them too.



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