Pat Butcher or boho chic?

I like fur. But so did Pat Butcher. This was my dilemma. Will I look overdone or will I look chic? The trouble with being blonde is its very very easy to look trashy. The other trouble is I’m strangely drawn to trashy looking clothes.

article-2202710-0F1E32AC00000578-550_306x423 The infamous Pat Butcher – probably only a reference the Brits will get though!

I steered away from real fur – the dilemma with sourcing ethical fur is one issue. The other issue is telling people you’ve sourced something that is ethical – I mean I don’t want to get daubed in red paint by a leather sandal wearing Peta enthusiast! Also – as always for me – cost is the other factor in my sewing.

So onwards with my new addition to the wardrobe.

I wanted to take part in the November challenge for Monthly Stitch but since I bought a new winter coat last year I had no real need for ‘outerwear’. Or so I thought until I had a flick through Burdastyle’s cheap patterns. A fake fur shrug pattern for $0.99?? Well of course I need one!

I bought the fur online at Craft Fabrics. It’s a horrific looking website but was quick service and the fabric I got was lush. It was £20 for 1 metre and I have plenty left over for maybe a gilet.

I lined it with some leftover gold dress lining. I would have preferred something more luxurious but I’d already blown my monthly budget on fabric buying the fur.

The pattern is rated as easy. It is – unless you are under pressure to get it done and dusted in the time your daughter has her afternoon nap – aka 2 hours start to finish. Unfortunately the haste and speed analogy clearly applied to me and I had to redo the 2nd arm hole about 5 times as I got flustered.

What do you think? It’s not going to be everyone’s taste. Generally the reception from friends has been positive. I’ve  been advised not to wear leopard print and blue eyeshadow with it though. The only problem with that is people telling me not to do something tends to make me want to do it…..

Next project a leopard print cat suit???

IMG_5322 IMG_5321 IMG_5323


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