A week off work to, um work!

I took a week off work because I have so many holidays to take and I wanted to get things sorted for Christmas.

A few years ago I decided to stop buying presents for adult relatives. I felt that given my day job (in international development) it was hypocritical of me to support the commercial side of Christmas. My husband and I set ourselves a challenge to make things for our families but we didn’t want it to be too naff. It was meant to be a token of our affection but we wanted to make sure whatever we gave was useful.

Anyway – fast forward a few years and we’re now getting not-so-subtle hints for our tomato chilli jam, home brewed beer, peppermint creams and handbags.

Whilst our attempt at home-made Christmas presents appears to be well received since our daughter came along it does make it a bit more difficult to get the time and the space to make things.

So I took a week off work to make Christmas presents for the female relavtives – my husband does the mens. I can’t show you what they are yet but there is a pack of them!

In and around Christmas presents I also did a few others things.

A Santa sack for Lily. I lined it with red silk and appliqued on her initial on the front. Its just needing a rope threaded through the top to make it a drawstring.

2014-12-02 21.01.53

I also finished my crochet infinity scarf. I’ve only recent taken up crochet as a way to stave off boredom on long train and plane journeys for work. I quite enjoy it despite the fact that all the books are written for right handed people.

2014-12-04 17.08.38 2014-12-04 17.09.17

I also made this little soft elephant toy. I’m thinking he might be joined by a few other Ele’s as presents for various babies that are en route. He’s made out of flannel which is lovely and soft for little people. I just need to keep him away from Lily as she’ll cover him in snot – its her version of peeing on a lamppost!

2014-12-04 14.07.28

And finally – the biggest achievement of this week off has been sorting out my sewing supplies. I’ve tidied my entire stash into 3 piles and even got them into neat boxes. I even colour coordinated them. Now looking at this I can see I definately have a tendency towards the reds, blues and greens in my palette. Might have to do something about this in the next few months. Of course the problem is now I’ve organised things I’ve made it perfectly clear that I don’t need to buy any more fabric – and yet I’m going on a little trip to London this weekend and had thought about a little detour down the Goldhawk road……Bugger.


2014-12-03 09.28.19


And after! 2014-12-04 10.44.41

2014-12-04 10.44.57

2014-12-04 10.48.12


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