A winter woolly girls top

I wanted a nice top for Lily for Christmas day. We’re at my parents house which can get a bit chilly – its a lot better since they had double glazing installed but growing up we generally went to bed wearing jumpers and clutching hot water bottles. Its not just that the house is big and drafty – its that my Dad also likes to keep a tight rein on the thermostat!

Anyway I had some leftover wool fabric that was just about the right size for a top for Lily. I had hoped to make her a coat but there wasn’t quite enough fabric for long sleeves. Hey ho! I lined it with some light weight blue cotton which also just happened to be my nephews old curtains!

2014-11-30 14.21.00 2014-11-30 14.20.47

I didn’t have a pattern for this. I just drew round an existing t-shirt of hers and made it a bit bigger to allow for growth. Its the sleeves that I’m particularly chuffed with. I’m doing a dressmaking class at the moment and was recently taught how to self draft sleeves. I can’t believe just how perfectly these sleeves fit – I didn’t need to do any adjustments. Flipping marvelous.

2014-12-04 18.21.31

Where I came unstuck was the buttons down the back. Sadly my machine couldn’t cope with the thick wool and lining fabric. It kept getting stuck. I briefly tried to do the button holes by hand before remembering I have zero patience. Luckily my husband bought me this nifty tool pack from Lidl recently – its a hole punch and a snap fastener tool. So we went with the more modern look of popstuds down her back.

2014-12-02 16.46.04 2014-12-02 16.45.51 2014-12-04 18.21.42

Originally I also put a Peter pan collar on this dress but it didn’t sit right. Instead I’ve put bias binding round the neck. I’m still toying with a peter pan collar – I think they look terribly cute. I just wonder if its all getting a bit too much.

2014-12-04 18.21.23

Finally I wanted to show off the hem of this dress. I picked up this ribbon at Dunelm Mill. Its gorgeous but horribly expensive so will only be using this on little girl dresses!

2014-12-02 16.59.00I must try to remember to take a picture of the little girl wearing this on Christmas day. I won’t take a picture of her tonight though – she’s covered in yoghurt, sweetcorn and banana. A winning combination!

2014-12-04 18.21.14

2014-12-04 18.27.49



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