Fabric shopping in London and I bought….nothing! Such restraint.

I’m down in London for work and had the Sunday afternoon off to myself so I thought I’d go fabric shopping. It never occurred to me that Sunday closing would apply to London though. I just tend to think of London as being permanently open for business.

Original plan was to wander over to the Goldhawk road but after a bit of scouting out on the Internet it seems that would have been a wasted journey.

Instead I headed for Petticoat lane and Brick Lane.

Petticoat lane has a wealth of shops selling African  waxed batik fabrics and south Asian fabrics and shalwar kameez. Whilst it was all lovely to look at I’m used to buying fabric on work trips to Africa and couldn’t bring myself to pay £25-50 for fabric I can normally buy for a tenth of that. Still it was good quality batiks with great range of colours.




I only found a couple of shops on Brick Lane  but my god what choice they had. If I’d gone with an open mind about what I wanted it would have been heaven but after my recent clear out I have decided to only buy for specific makes in mind. Therefore once again  I showed restraint and didn’t buy anything.


It does make me thankful for what I do have in Edinburgh though. Whilst  we only have a few shops they have great variety and decent prices. Think I might head out to Edinburgh Fabrics next week for a browse….

One of the shops on Brick Lane made me think of the shops on Diagon Alley -one wrong move and I was going to be buried for evermore!



2 thoughts on “Fabric shopping in London and I bought….nothing! Such restraint.

  1. Edinburgh Fabrics and the cloth shop are good for materials! Also there is a great wee shop in haddington that sells great stock. it’s a treasure trove!


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