A Berry Christmas (dress)

As with most sewers I wanted a new dress for Christmas but was running out of time. It is my works Christmas night out on Friday and I only had 2 evenings free to get this done. So I went to my old faithful pattern New look 6123. I think I have about 4 or 5 dresses from this pattern.


I made a few changes – I lengthened it about 15cm so it sat below the knee. Sometimes I think a longer dress is a bit more ooh la la than a short dress.

I also added sleeves. I live in Scotland not the Costa brava. Why don’t more dresses come with sleeves!!!?

I ran out of time to go to a shop to buy fabric so panic bought online. BIG MISTAKE! It’s really far to thin and light weight this fabric for this to be a dress that will wear well. I fully expect this dress to lose its shape after every wear and need re washing.  Still its a loose jersey which will be forgiving when I’ve eaten too many spuds on Christmas day or had to play horses with my little girl for hours on end.


Of course the comedy of going out with my folks from work is I’d look overdressed in a pair of jeans. They’re environmentalists. They’ve cultivated the look of hipsters cross Greenpeace activists. Still – I like to dress up and will continue to do so regardless of what the hipsters wear. Hurrah for dresses and heels!

IMG_5350 IMG_5347 IMG_5348

Another thing thats big for me – its purple!! I have owned exactly 1 item of clothing in the last 10 years that is purple. I tend to think purple makes blondes look washed out and horrible. Also I’m Scottish. Our natural skin colour is a hue of blue. In winter its a dark blue. In summer its a light blue. Purple and blue doesn’t tend to work. But somehow I quite like this colour and think its working ok for me.


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