L F*King’s Top 5 of 2014

I only launched this blog in August but I’m so glad I did. At first I thought it was going to be a bit narcissistic but it’s been really  useful
a) to force me to document my sewing – both the mistakes and the successes
b) it’s given me lots of inspiration looking at other people’s blogs and following the challenges and
c) it’s given me an extra bit of experience that’s helping in my day job

d) I think I might actually have inspired a few people to think about clothes and sewing a little differently. I know 2 good friends who have recently acquired sewing machines who say they’ve enjoyed watching me blog and fancied a piece of the sewing action.

Sew  (geddit?) Onto my top 5 sewing projects of 2014:

1) The wool cape.
I love love love this. My friends also seem to like it as I’ve had some lovely comments on it. I’d originally planned to make 2 before Christmas and give one of them to my mum. Unfortunately a small baby and me returning to work meant my mum got her cape for Christmas but mine wasn’t finished until February.

IMG_5361 IMG_5362

HM Queen's Birthday Salute at Edinburgh Castle 21 April 2014

Ignore the 3 giants on the right. They’ve clearly had too much weetabix!

2) The Vogue ‘I’m a grownup dress’
I was invited to a very formal affair at Edinburgh Castle for a gun salute for the Queen’s birthday. The top lady wasn’t going to be there but a lot of the top brass from the army were. Therefore I needed something to pretend like I was a grownup. This pattern is so easy and yet so slinky. I’ve since made another couple  dresses from this and probably will make at least 1 more in 2015.


3) The vintage wedding guest dress
I bought this vintage pattern as my first foray into vintage and couldn’t believe how easy the pattern was. I made a couple of critical errors though. The pattern on the skirt I should have cut 90 degrees round. Also I couldn’t get the hang of a lapped zip and gave up. The full circle skirt was so much fun for dancing though!

2014-05-17 16.18.16 P1000329 P1000346

4) Lily’s floral cord dress
This is a self drafted pattern for Lil using some leftover fabric my sister had found. There was literally *just* enough for this dress. It’s still a bit big on the shoulders for her but the speed at which she’s growing it fits her better each day. As a claim to fame she met Philip Hammond the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in this frock and pushed him out of the way so she could get into a cupboard. Pushing people isn’t something I’d generally encourage but he is a tory…..

IMG_4645 IMG_4642 IMG_4635

5) Hot pink linen dress
This summer was HOT  in Scotland. Our version of hot is when it hits 20 degrees C  but most days my office would regularly hit the high 20’s. We’ve got a big metal roof directly below our windows which  was blasting hot air directly into the office and cooking us all. My colleagues solution to this was to hook up some bodgit air con made out of an old tumble dryer and some piping. Unfortunately the noise of the motor drove us all mad so we had to shut it off. My response was to make a small cool dress to wear to work! Love the colour of this which worked when I had a bit of a tan.

2014-06-19 23.02.44

So that’s it. 2014 nearly over. I have a lot if works in progress that are probably going to slip into 2015. Tomorrow I’m going to make a list of my disasters of 2014. Then next week I think I’m going to make a list of my targets for 2015 as a way of forcing myself to be more strategic.


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