Top 5 Misses of 2014 – or the ‘Why will I never learn?’ list



Craftingarainbow’s idea of summing up the year is great. So following on from the hits of 2014, here are my misses.

Challenge 1 is selecting just 5. There were A LOT more than 5 in 2014. But I still consider that a success given how many misses there were in 2013. I’m clearly improving but I’m also very ambitious and keep trying things that are just a bit beyond my ken. Some have worked some havent’. But thats how you learn right?

Anyhoo here they are:

Stripey Sun Dress

IMG_5458 IMG_5459 IMG_5460

I’d made this dress in the column version but wanted to try it with a flippy skirt to wear in the sunshine. I was ambitious in that I wanted to make it from stripey fabric and made major attempts to cut the fabric so the pieces matched up. Except the fabric is very stretchy jersey with not enough lycra in it. Result – major fail in pattern matching. The dress itself is lovely about 5 minutes after I’ve ironed it. After that it starts to stretch and lose its shape. Look how weird the bottom hem looks. I’ve been trying to kid myself it looks fun and quirky. It doesn’t. It looks silly.

Despite the fact that I class this dress as a fail I’ve still worn it tonnes. Its fantastic for fieldwork in Africa because it covers all the necessary bits but is nice and cool. I’d happily make another one but out of better fabric.


Christmas Berry Dress


I only made this a week ago and I’m still classing it as a fail. There is nothing wrong with the sewing. Its entirely the fabric that is the problem. Again its a jersey fabric but doesn’t have enough lycra in it. Once more I need to stop panic buying fabric online and instead find the time to go into a fabric shop. Sounds like an easy issue except I don’t live or work anywhere near a fabric shop so its a proper outing for me. I will, I will, I will stop buying jersey fabric online though. Except I just bought some fabby white jersey fabric online from Minerva crafts….

Lily’s Birthday Dress

IMG_4343 IMG_5433 IMG_5434

For Lily’s christening last year I made myself a yellow shirt dress. I loved it except I messed up the hem and had to make it shorter than I normally like. Anyway I had just enough fabric left over to make Lily a fun dress for her birthday. Trouble is I was over confident and made her a dress while she was asleep. Then I realised it was tiny and had to redo the whole bodice. Then I over compensated and made it huge. Add to that I’d made the arm openings really tight. This means that she never managed to grow into it. I still made her wear it though. She doesn’t look too impressed here does she?

I’m a mean mummy!


The Peplum Tops

IMG_5441 IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5444

I wanted to make a peplum top for a night out with the girls about 6 months ago. I had some cool left over fabric from Kenya that had giraffes on it. Its the coolest fabric and without another trip to Kenya on the horizon my last bit of it would just fit the pattern. Trouble is I ran out of time. I didn’t have a zip in the right size and the night out came and went. So this top has sat in my sewing table for the last 6 months getting more and more crumpled. Maybe I’ll finish it next summer. Maybe….

I also made  grey peplum top with cap sleeves which I meant to wear to a posh army do at Edinburgh Castle in November. I didn’t run out of time on this top. Instead the problem here is I ate too much injera in Ethiopia. I knew it was tight on my when I went to Ethiopia with work. I’d been warned by various colleagues that I was likely to get the squits as a new visitor to Ethiopia and that I should therefore avoid the local food.

With this warning ringing in my ears I tucked into the local food with gusto. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS. Sadly it didn’t give me the squits so I didn’t lose the necessary weight to fit this top for the fancy do. I also could only find a white zip which looks silly and needs to be changed. So yet again this peplum top is languishing in my sewing table until I lose the weight sufficiently to bother finishing it. Chances of me wearing this top in 2015??


Peter Pan Collar Blouse – or not as the case may be

IMG_5447 IMG_5446  IMG_5449

I’ve got a whole wardrobe of dresses that I’ve made. Dresses make me happy. They also give people this weird impression that I’m a smart dresser. What they don’t realise is my secret. Dresses don’t require you to coordinate an outfit. You literally put on dress, put on shoes and walk out the door. Wearing trousers or a skirt is far more problematic. What top goes with this skirt? Do I need to accessorise it? etc etc.

However I’m lacking simple blouses for meetings at work that I can wear with trousers. I had also banned myself from buying any more fabric until I’d de-stashed a bit. So I embarked on this blouse. I decided to funk it up by putting sleeves on it and making a loop and button fastening at the back rather than a zip. I also made 17 attempts to attach a peter pan collar to it in chiffon. The collar was cut in the perfect size. The problem was I don’t have a serger and could never get it to attach to the collar without scraggy ends showing. Basically the blouse is in microfibre which is too stretchy to cope with this collar. The two were a bad match.

The other issues with this blouse is the shoulders of the top are too wide – they come half way down my arms which makes me look really wide.

The other issue is the button fastening at the back. Its baggy and looks poo.

Other than that its great!


I think the main thing for me is that I’m not a real perfectionist and I continue to wear my misses no matter what. There are few items that have been completely binned by me over the years. As I progress I imagine I’ll be less likely to wear my mistakes. We’ll see though!




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