Challenges for 2015

I L F*King am hereby setting out my challenges for 2015. Some of thing were actually my challenges for 2014 but I was too chicken to actually do them.


Challenge 1: Blazer

I bought this Vogue pattern over 18 months ago. I know this because I bought it before my daughter was born. I’ve opened out the packet a few times and started to read the instructions but I’ll be honest I found it intimidating. It makes all these references to coutoure techniques. It had been my intention to take it to my sewing classes and get the teacher to help me but again I chickened out. In 2015 I WILL MAKE THIS PATTERN.


Challenge 2: Trousers for me

I made my first foray into trousers in 2014. They were alright. Ok. Kind of not bad. Thats not really good enough for me though. I want to have another shot at trousers in 2014 and learn how to fit them better. By the end of 2015 I want to be making great trousers not just ok trousers. I’m starting with this pattern I bought in the Burda sale recently. Its hard to tell if they will work so well on my chubby legs as they do on this lovely model but thats going to be part of my learning process.



Challenge 3: Mens shirt

My husband has asked that I have a shot at making him some clothes. He hates shopping for clothes and yet he’s the perfect shape for clothes. He’s the yin to my yang. He’s tall and slim and struggles to find trousers in the right waist size for his long legs. I’m the opposite. I’m short and round. One of the reasons I’ve been learning to sew is I struggled to work out what clothes suited me and hated shopping because nothing ever seemed to fit properly.

So the plan is I’ll start with a simple men’s shirt for him. What he’s hoping though is that I’ll suddenly get a burst of confidence and will start making him some slim fit trousers and a slim fit blazer. We’ll see…..


Challenge 4: A Coat for Miss Lily

Actually this doesn’t intimidate me at all. The biggest problem for me is planning in advance. She’s going to need a coat for the spring/summer which means I need to find a pattern, buy the fabric and get it started earlier than the night before she needs the coat. Therein lies my problem. I tend to plan to do something for ages but only actually pull my finger out the day before its needed. I haven’t decided what pattern to use yet – I was thinking about going for an independent pattern company. This one on Etsy has taken my eye. What do you think?


Challenge 5: A Quilt

I’ve never made a quilt and in fact I’ve never really used a quilt. But the little girl is getting bigger and at some point this year will move into a big girls bed. I think a nice quilt to go on her bed will be lovely. I’ve got this cracking fabric I bought in Kenya a few years ago. I originally made them into curtains but had forgotten to measure the drop – they were about 6 inches too short. I haven’t known what to do with the fabric because I really didn’t want to cut up the fabby picture on the front. So I think a quilt in 2015 is the way forward.



7 thoughts on “Challenges for 2015

  1. I think you need to JUST GO FOR IT with that jacket, it’s COOL!!! But patterns from the big 4 can be rather complicated so yes, take it with you to your sewing class. That’s what I do and most of the time it works out better to just chuck the instructions in the bin.

    I’m liking the kids jacket (a lot), I made a coat by Heidi&Finn on Etsy when I first started sewing and it was MUCH easier than I imagined. Independent kids patterns are easier, better and more modern than the big pattern companies. I advise you buy from independent companies ALWAYS for kids patterns. I have learn that since I started sewing for my girls.

    I can recommend loads if you like????


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