Elephant print blouse (that makes me look like an elephant?)

My lovely husband got me a couple of sewing magazines for Christmas. One of them, Sew Home & Style had a pattern for a vintage blouse which was pretty. I normally make dresses but I’m trying to focus on separates for the next wee while to fill some gaps in my wardrobe.


So onto the vintage blouse. I got some lovely silky fabric from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh which i had hoped to use for December’s Monthly Stitch challenge ‘Geek Month’. I work in conservation and have to attend some high level conservation meetings and was tickled at the idea of wearing an elephant print to these meetings. But of course I was a lazy sod and didn’t get it done in time.

Part of the reason for my slow sewing was I found the pattern an absolute sod. The instructions are in numbered bullet points. The illustrations are also numbered but weirdly the numbering system doesn’t tally with the written instructions. Hence some puzzled head scratching from me and a fair bit of unpicking.

I never quite worked out the side opening so made it up. I added an under flap and made it with 4 buttons and loop. The original only wanted 1 button closing on the side which didn’t seem secure enough for my flab.

Its looks ok though. Resounding praise!

The model in the magazine is of course a lovely tall slim lady. I of course am not any of those things. I’m still not convinced this style suits me. Its very top heavy and flouncy. However a couple of people whose fashion choices I very much admire made unbidden positive comments about it so maybe its ok? Meh. I’ll wear it because I made it but I may still adjust it at some later date.

IMG_5976  IMG_5978 IMG_5979 IMG_5980

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