Silky Gold Mimi Blouse

So I’m probably the last person on this planet to get Tilly and the Buttons book. My lovely husband got me the book for Christmas. In my pursuit of separates I decided to tackle the Mimi blouse. Magically the yellow gold fabric I got from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh will also work with the Monthly Stitch February challenge which is block colours.

I was a bit confused by Tilly’s size chart. My bust measurement suggested I was a size 4 but my waist suggested I was a  6. I didn’t want to have a blouse bursting at the seams so I went for the bigger size. Baaaaaaad idea (but more on that in a second).

The pattern is really simple – the only challenge was the slippery fabric. I may have had a few sweary words for it but those who know me I’m sure could never believe I would swear at something so small…. 🙂

Anyway after sewing it all up except for the sleeves I decided it was too big. I hummed and haaa’d about whether to leave it as a loose blouse or whether to have a shot at reducing it. My only issue is I couldn’t really be bothered altering the sleeve size. And I also couldn’t be bothered unpicking french seams. So as with most things in my life I carried on regardless and just hoped no one would notice.

So the fit issues:

Issue 1: The shoulders are too wide so the sleeves sit just a little too low on my shoulders. This will make me look a little top heavy.

Issue 2: Around the bust is too loose. In this fabric it actually looks ok since its such slinky fabric. I’d probably change it if I’d used a less drapey fabric.

So next time I’m going to try making a 4 and see what it does for the shaping. But there will be a next time as I really like this pattern. This bodes well for the rest of Tilly’s book!

IMG_5961 IMG_5962 IMG_5965 IMG_5966

(Sorry for the blurry photos – my camera appears to be having some issues with auto focus. Grr!)


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