Non Selfish Sewing (for a canine friend)

My poor Mum’s pooch is not well. She’s pulled something in her neck and it’s causing her real distress and as a result my mum is distressed too.

You see my mum really really loves her dogs. My mum has 3 kids and it’s probably no coincidence that by the time the last of us left home she also had 3 dogs. This means that when her pooch is not well my mum is also a bit heart sick.

So back to Bridget, probably the most beautiful dog in the world – and I’m not kidding she is seriously beautiful. If I could clone her I would. A well as being beautiful she also has a lovely nature.

My parents once got burgled. The
reckoning is that the burglar walked into the room Bridget was lying in, practically stepped over her, took a (ugly old) clock off the mantelpiece and walked out. It was probably too early for Bridget. She’s a greyhound cross saluki and it is well known that greyhounds are solar powered and don’t move until they’ve spent at least 3 hours sleeping in a sunspot.

Bridget also likes whisky. Any dog that likes whisky is definitely my kind of dog.

So anyway poor Bridget has a sore neck that keeps twingeing and causing her to yelp in pain. She’s had xrays and investigations by the vet but they can’t find anything wrong. So a physiotherapist gave her some treatment and suggested we use heat packs for her and in comes the sewing! Mum asked me to maker her a heat bag filled with oatmeal with a sprinkle of fresh lavender.

I’ve made her simple bag with 2 zip covers. Hopefully the pooch will start feeling better soon.


Mum is also half way through a knitted snood for her. She’s going to be one pampered pooch hopefully!
The lady with her heat pack on.

(my dog is pretty cute too but she’s not a lady like Bridget)


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