Stupid Bloody Disappointment Top

Do you have a favourite top that you keep wearing even when it’s well and truly past its sell by date?

This is my attempt to replace *that* top. It’s not like it was even an expensive top. It was probably less than £20 about 10 years ago from Marks and Spencer before Marks and Spencer tried to go all funky and completely missed the mark on their basics range or made monstrosities like this.


Its not even a dressy top. Its a normal casual top. Buts its perfect *WAILS*.

IMG_5990 IMG_5992

This top is great for work as it covers all the necessary bits and bobs, it’s not too clingy, it’s got a little bit of styling with the ruched sleeves and ties. Even more amazingly for a white top, it has actually managed to mostly keep its colour. Even the nicest white tops tend to get a horrible grey/yellow tinge around the armpit area. This top is still white but has sadly developed a few small holes from my enthusiastic washing machine so it needs to be replaced. Boo fricking hoo.

I could of course attempt to copy the top and make my own pattern. But I’m really not confident at doing that myself yet. I’ve been doing dressmaking classes that teach this but I’m currently on a break. For now I thought I’d try with a pattern I found on Burdastyle. It was on special offer – 5 patterns for £10 which I thought was too good to pass up.


The pattern itself is so ruddy simple – it’s 4 pieces and some bias binding. So should have been a simple job except I’m a dumb numpty who didn’t buy enough fabric so had to do some funky alterations of the cuffs. Also I’m a dumb numpty who sewed the right sleeve up inside out. And a dumb numpty who forgot that Burda patterns don’t include a seam allowance. And a dumb numpty who didn’t look at the flaming picture properly.

IMG_6004 IMG_6000 IMG_6003

So is it an alternative?  Nup. Its in the right direction but there are some serious issues with it.

  1. You need to wear a strapless bra with it. No one in their right minds would want to lounge around in a strapless bra. Strapless bra’s are only for posh nights out when you’re happy to be uncomfortable for the benefit of having a pretty dress on.
  2. Its a bit too tight across the tummy. This is of course down to me being a dumb ass and forgetting to put seam allowances. But maybe I just don’t suit patterns that require me to add seam allowances on it?
  3. The fabric I used was wrong. Its good heavy duty jersey which would make a good top, but it is probably more casual than I wanted. I’d prefer something with a bit of a sheen to it. This is all down to me buying fabric online (it was before my New Years resolution to stop buying fabric online – which incidentally I broke last night. Meh to rules!).
  4. It’s unlikely to last 10 years and stay in good nick. All I can bring myself to do with this top is to wear it in bed as a pyjama top.

On the upside I made some rather nice bias binding for the neck which looks rather neat – definitely the best I’ve done yet.


So I’m still looking for that elusive top to replace my old one. I may attempt to copy the existing pattern. It can’t be that hard – right??


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