#5 of the New Year Challenges

I set myself 5 challenges for 2015. I’ve completed one of them already (the creased trousers) and now it’s time to start the next one. There are others that are far more time limited but they intimidate me so I’m prevaricating. 

So I’ve never made a quilt but have been perusing various websites. All the ‘easy’ beginner patterns seem a bit over cooked to me. I know my limitations and patience is not one of those things I’ve been blessed with (cue snorts of laughter from my beloved).

So I’m going for a bog standard series of squares. The quilt is intended for my little girl when she moves to her big girl bed later this year.

I’ve gone for a yellow, grey and turquoise colour scheme. I’m trying desperately hard to not pigeon hole her in pink. Since having a daughter I’ve become even more aware of the pinkification of girls trends that have happened since I was a kid.





But I still want the quilt to be fun and to appeal to a little person. So far I’ve bought the following fabrics. The turquoise sheep fabric is my favourite already. Lily is obsessed with sheep and shouts baaa every time she sees sheep. As we live in the country this is roughly 20 times a day!

Any hoo what do we think about this fabric selection? I think I need another turquoise fabric but not sure what pattern to aim for. What do you think?

Also while I’m asking for opinions on fabric I just found this massive Kenyan batik in my stash I forgot I bought and have no idea what to do with it. Answers on a postcard appreciated!


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