Oops my credit card slipped…..

Another wee trip into Edinburgh and another wee bag full of fabric hiding in the wardrobe from the husband.

However if I had to justify myself I’d say the following – whilst I’ve spent in the region of £50 this will cover the following outfits:


Lined Ugandan batik trousers


Grey polka dot blazer with yellow lining

IMG_6050 IMG_6049

Mimi love heart blouse


Black and floral trousers

Then of course as always the off-cuts get kept and recycled into outfits for Lily. So you see £50 would normally only get you 1 or maybe 2 items of reasonable quality from the shops. This way I get to support a small(ish) Scottish business, I get to spend innumerable hours entertaining myself and ignoring my family. You see – win win all round!!


8 thoughts on “Oops my credit card slipped…..

  1. I went to the stitching fair at the Olympia at the weekend and when I got home my other half asked me what I bought. ‘Only a couple of patterns and a couple of pieces of fabric’ was my reply. I don’t think he fell for it! 😉
    Looking forward to seeing your makes. Loving the blazer and floral trouser fabrics!


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