Joyous Charity Shop Find!

I’m always jealous of the people who post on here about their charity shop finds. I used to live in the city where the charity shops are a bit more professional where I could find the odd bargain. In fact a lady at work came in wearing a Dolce and Gabbana suit (pre the IVF debacle!) with a Pucci lining that she’d spent all of £5 on. I was seething.

The reason I was seething is since I move to the sticks the charity shops round here are pretty poor for bargains. It’s all second hand polyester which really doesn’t interest me. UNTIL TODAY!!!

Step forward bargainous buy 1: Authentic vintage pattern probably circa 1950’s for a 38 inch bust. Original price 2 shillings

Bargainous buy 2: Another vintage pattern for a shirt dress or summer frock for a 34 inch bust. Original price 2 shillings 6 pence.

Bargainous buy 3: Bias binding tape maker. Ok so you can buy these everywhere but not for just £1.

I’m wondering if one of these dresses might be good for my sister. She’s asked me to make her an outfit for a wedding she’s going to in London in the summer and this is the kind of style she’s been looking at. Hurrah!

God I love a good charity shop buy. The best thing is they have a whole tray of these patterns so I may have to go back next week…….


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