Soothing the inner colour demons

This blazer has been a labour of love. I’ve learnt so much doing this and for once I feel like I was actually reasonably patient (believe me that’s not one of my inner strengths). This isn’t my 2015 challenge blazer – that one is still sitting in the box sulking. I’m working up my courage to do that one by practising with this Simplicity Amazing Fit blazer.


It’s a truly fabulous colour choice for me if I do say so myself. I’ve tried to go subtle grey (with white polka dots) on the outside and fight my inner colour-mad demons. So to soothe the colour demons I went wild with the lining. Yellow and grey seems such a great colour scheme for spring coming and yellow really makes me happy. So even though it won’t be visible on the outside I’ll know it’s there and will smile.


There are useful instructions in here for perfecting the fit but they’re not complete. For example the shoulder adjustment is all about how to make it wider but not narrower. Turns out I have deformed shoulders that are bizarrely narrow. Instead I spent ages online trying to find the best tutorial for narrow shoulders – circa 2 days overall to do the shoulder adjustment.

I also have a narrower waist than the pattern – it fitted the bust but not the waist so I graded it down significantly.

The final result is good but not perfect. According to the packet I needed at least a size 16 but my pattern only went up to a 14. Cue lots of worrying. As it turns out I’ve had to grade this down dramatically to a 12 on the waist and it’s still too big.

I can just hear my mother’s voice in my head right now “make sure you can fit a thick jumper under it” – well here you go Mum. I can fit multiple jumpers under it.



11 thoughts on “Soothing the inner colour demons

  1. Wow, it really looks fab! I love the colour combo. And I have to say, yours looks so much better than the picture on the envelope!! Did you shorten it a bit?


  2. Well done on persevering with the adjustments, it looks great! Your fabric choices are lovely too. 🙂


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