Joy has returned

I sent my beloved machine off for minor repairs recently. The auto button holer had stopped working. It looked like the feed dogs weren’t quite picking up.

I went to the lovely Drummonds in Edinburgh which is a bit of an institution. Its a fabby traditional shop that you can barely get in the door because of the cardboard boxes full of machines stacked up along one wall.

They were very good but told me it was taking up to 4 weeks for repairs. 4 weeks!!! They took one look at my face and gently said ‘but we can do it in a week for urgent repairs’. Phew!

So its back and working wonderfully – thank you Drummonds!


Also back from repairs is my SLR camera. While in Uganda in January it slowly began to die on me as one by one the autofocus sensors stopped working. So Cameratiks in Morningside it was for a repair job. Again it was back in a week and is working wonderfully. Think they might have had to clean out half of Africa from it. I do have a tendency to mistreat it when I’m doing fieldwork in Africa and don’t bother with a proper cover or case. Oops.


So joy has returned – I can once again spend my evenings sewing and taking photos of my creations.


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