Mimi (plus some adjustments)

I made another Mimi blouse from Tilly and the Buttons’ book. Last time I liked the style but messed up on the sizing. Its was too large on me and personally I found the blouse a bit short – its tricky to tuck into trousers and skirts. I always seem to end up with the tails hanging out when I’m wandering around the office.

But I do love the style so this time I wanted to make it suitable to wear loose over jeans and also long enough to tuck into trousers and skirts. I picked up this fabby pink fabric with little black hearts on my last splurge in Remnant Kings in Edinburgh. Not entirely sure what its made of – probably rayon or polyester but its got a lovely drape.


So adjustments I made included:

  • a longer front piece and longer back piece to create a dipped hem.
  • the gathering on the back piece where it joins the yoke – I put all the gathers in the middle rather than spread out across the piece.
  • The final adjustment I made was to sew as black ribbon into the collar. I was v tempted by Tilly’s adjustment which was to turn it into a pussy-box blouse. Its lovely but probably overly formal for me on this occasion – maybe next time

I like this style of oversized blouse with skinny jeans. I’m not the skinniest of girls so I like to balance out skinny on bottom or skinny on top but not both. It won’t be the last time I make this blouse but maybe I’ll try sizing down a bit next time – a fitted blouse with a ribbon collar could be pretty for summer – maybe in some broderie anglaise??

Sorry there are no photos of me wearing it – I couldn’t be arsed putting any make-up on today and the world (internet) is not ready for that sight yet! Instead Budda is looking benignly down on my sewing here.

IMG_6072 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6076


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