Party time trews and flat bum woes

April’s social calendar was looking a little sad so I had to pull my finger out and invite folks out for fun and games. Which meant I needed something to wear. Yee hah – an excuse to sew!

First up – party trews.


I absolutely love the tropical print trousers I’ve seen everywhere. I’m colour mad and particularly like tropical prints. Sadly I have peely wally white Scottish skin (well its kind of blue rather than white) but I’m going to ignore that in the hope that tropical print will make me look exotic and fabulous.

This is Sew Over It’s Ultimate Trousers. They don’t lie. They really are the ultimate trousers. They seem to be the perfect fit for me apart from my flat bum. Its not a small bum. Its just a flat bum. Beyonce wouldn’t have danced around in little hot pants with this arse I can tell you. My flat bum is causing issues with fabric pooling under each cheek not to put too fine a point on it.

I’m sure there is a tutorial somewhere for flat bums. If anyone knows of where I should look that would be great. I’m scared of typing in flat bum tutorial into Google….!

Anyway aside from the flat bum woes I think these trousers fit pretty well. I added an inch to the trousers so I could wear them with heels. The only other alteration I made was to finish the facing with yellow bias tape. Its stretch fabric so I thought it would help to ensure things stay snug and don’t start slipping down as I walk.

So I need to add flat bum to my personal idiosyncrasies that makes clothes making interesting. So far I have discovered that I have:
– a flat bum
– abnormally narrow shoulders
– a short torso
– mahoosive boobs
There’s probably more but I’d rather wait to find out myself than others highlight it to me!


12 thoughts on “Party time trews and flat bum woes

      1. I love bright fabrics. My pink Amy butler fabric trousers are still my favourite…. Might look online for remnant kings.


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