Mini me and I for Me Made May

Right mini L F*King Sewing and I  are signing up to do Me Made May this year. I doubt we’ll manage it every day (have you ever tried negotiating with a toddler about what to wear at 8am when you’re going to be late for work) but we’ll do our best to do it at least 5 times a week.

Trousers for mini me are easiest. Dresses and tops are easiest for me. Either way we’ll try to have some fun while we do it.

‘We, Lesley and Lily (of, sign up as participants of Me-Made-May ’15. We endeavour to wear 5 items a week for the duration of May 2015’

Further details on Me Made May challenge here
Lily in her elephant trews and me in my tropical trews. Officially the coolest mother daughter combo in a 10m radius!


9 thoughts on “Mini me and I for Me Made May

  1. I love both your trousers! Which pattern did you use for your daughters trousers? I’ve still to decide on my pledge but it will involve both me & my son wearing me-mades. Good luck with your pledge!


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