When do you sew?

I am the owner of an errant toddler and the wife of a shift worker. This leaves me with very specific windows of time when I can sew.

I can’t sew when the toddler is conscious – that’s like wrestling 100 grumpy (and slippery) eels into a small bag.

I also try not to sew when the husband is around – seems a bit antisocial to ignore him when I see him so little. Unless Formula 1 is on of course. Then I’m entitled to do as I damn well please because there is sod all chance of him noticing I’m around let alone alive if cars are whooshing round a track making neooooooowwwwww noises.

This means I tend to sew on evenings when my husband is at work and when the child is in bed and I’m effectively house-bound. This means you’ll see certain bursts of creativity from me – generally on a 5 week rotation thanks to Police Scotland!

Last week was one of those bursts. I was hankering after a fun top for going out and had this yellow polyester type fabric left over from my blazer. I also had a stash of black lace left over from a Christmas party dress. And so the two came together quite nicely.

For once I was relatively patient when pinning and sewing the lace on – I think I’ve got it pretty neatly done. I even bothered to change my bobbin thread colour so the inside looks decent. This is an old favourite Simplicity pattern – the only adjustments I made was to ditch the back zip, make the neckline a bit deeper and to use bias binding on the arm holes rather than a facing.

I rather like it – I like it even more because it kept me amused for an entire evening.

When do you tend to sew? Are there times you’re busier than others? Are you slow and steady or do you have manic bursts of creativity like me?





16 thoughts on “When do you sew?

  1. Love the black lace against that colour. I know what you mean about finding time to sew… I either sew on my day off in the week or allow myself an afternoon or morning session over the weekend, where I ignore everyone apart from my machine. The rest of the weekend is then family time 🙂

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  2. Aw great photos! I love the black & yellow together too. My sewing time tends to be when my toddler naps the three week days I don’t work, and little snippets of time at the weekend. I tend to do prep in the evenings like tracing & cutting as I can do that while still chatting to my husband. You’re right on the actual seeing though, it does tend to be antisocial doesn’t it?!

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  3. I love that top! I sew in the weekends in the early morning before hubby & baby wake up. But I plan all week for what I can knock out on the weekend! Working on patience, and telling myself it doesn’t have to get done in one weekend..

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    1. I have that same issue. I’m normally quite an early to bed kind of person but if I’m trying to get something done I end up staying up til all hours. Of course thats usually when I make silly mistakes and have to get the ripper out. I’m trying to counsel myself to spread things out but I’m not the most patient of people!

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    1. Yes I have to be quite diligent and tidy away each night. It sort of helps that I dont have a permanent space for me though I’m madly jealous of all the photos people put up of their dedicated sewing rooms. I just have to wait 18 years for one of them!

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