Mini Me, Me and Me Made May – wk 1

We pledged to do at least 5 pieces a week each and so far we’ve both achieved 7 in a week each.

The way I’ve managed to get Mini Me to do it?
a) dispense her to her grandparents for the weekend and only pack ‘me made items’ and
b) bully my husband

It’s been fun and we’ve still got more to wear. I’ve also had fun remembering where things came from too. We’ve had:

  • Cardigans knitted by Granny.
  • Skirt made from a sarong I bought on honeymoon in Borneo
  • Dress made from strawberry fabric I bought when working in Sri Lanka
  • Floral cord fabric dress that was donated by my sister.
  • Yellow kanga fabric bought when working in Kenya.

I even made some graphics to demonstrate it! I’m such a nerd but graphs make me happy. Can you believe I used my lunch hour to create graphs.

Lesley graphic me made may wk1 Lily me made may graphic wk1

From the graphs, little Miss is mostly wearing Granny-made items this season. Granny is an excellent knitter but says she gets bored once they get too big. Hopefully Little Miss is small enough to continue getting knitted items from Granny for a bit longer.

I’m mostly wearing Ebay sourced fabrics this season which is unsurprinsing given my tendency for late night purchases when I’m struggling with insomnia.

The downside to Me Made May for me at the moment is it has coincided with the small child deciding cameras are evil and that I’m invading her privacy. Hence most of my photos of her are taken mid-tantrum. Oh the joys of toddlers!

2015-05-01 09.11.582015-05-01 10.41.52   IMG_6218 IMG_6192 IMG_6202IMG_6185


IMG_6211 IMG_6200 IMG_6189 IMG_6175

2015-05-02 16.34.23

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