Stupidist fabric ever?

I set myself 5 challenges for New Year. This is number 4 in that list. As its only May and I’ve completed 3 put of 5 I’d say I’m doing pretty damn well.

Except this last challenge was a bugger.

The reason it was a bugger is because I’m a silly bugger.

I bought stupid fabric late at night because I’m a daft over confident bugger.


Its PUL fabric which is commonly used for cloth nappies. I didn’t like the look of ripstop (felt too thin and flimsy) but wanted something waterproof. Plus I really really wanted something bright and fun for summer.

Moral of the story? Never EVER do late night internet shopping!

Of course waterproof fabric is one thing but as soon as a needle goes through it to make a seam it’s no longer waterproof. So the next stupid thing I bought was seam tape. Which came with no ruddy instructions – aaaarrrggggg!!!!

A few trawls of YouTube later and I thought I knew what I was doing (basically you apply a hot iron to it, Only it can’t be too hot because you’ll melt the fabric). Except I clearly didn’t know what I was doing because I’d already sewn up the hood.

Moral of the story 2? If you’re going to learn how to make a taped seam waterproof don’t do it for the first time on a small persons hood. Do it on a nice straight flat seam.

Cue lots of swearing.

Things did get better I promise. The pattern came from Oliver + S and is their School Days coat pattern. Its actually a lovely pattern though I regularly struggled with their written instructions – particularly at the bagging out stage. The inside isn’t perfect but thankfully its not totally visible.


I dispensed with the toggle closing since I thought the toddler would struggle with them get angry and rip them off. Instead we went for 3 big colourful buttons.

Still despite me being a stupid bugger its a lovely little coat. The small child also looks bloody adorable in it. I’m hoping its fairly unisex too.

2015-05-07 08.14.55 2015-05-09 15.11.05

2015-05-09 15.10.50

As you’ve stuck with me this far want to know what happened next?

A fecking calamity!!!

First trip out in our new coat and I ripped it! I caught the pocket on the car seat seat belt and RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPP. I could have cried. In fact I might have shed a tiny little tear but blamed it on the rain.

My sister and I have come up with a plan of how to fix it but I need to take a few days to mourn my lovely jacket before I tackle it again. I think I’m going to applique some fabric shapes onto the pockets to give them some extra strength. Before that I’m going to drown my sorrows in a vat of wine and chocolate.

Boo fricking hoo.


12 thoughts on “Stupidist fabric ever?

  1. The coat looks gorgeous, as does my granddaughter, but that goes without saying. really sorry to hear of the disaster – hopefully you can rectify it. I appliqued a picture of a mouse once to a horse blanket, where a hole had appeared due to a real aforementioned creature. It gave the blanket extra character!

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    1. A mouse! Thats perfect. I was hoping for something vaguely unisex that wasn’t too complicated. Google kept coming up with mad ideas like foxes and owls which are waaaaaay too difficult.


  2. Such a cute wee coat. What a shame it tore. I did that once to a black patent duffle coat (it was the 80’s) and fixed it by gluing the tear onto a bit of matching fabric on the inside. It was barely noticeable after that and it reinforced it a bit. Hope it fixes okay. Xx

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  3. Oh, I feel for you, this is so gutting. So many hours spent making this beautiful little coat. Will you make another one? I think the idea of the applique is a great one and will be fun too. I love the cute yellow and white polka dot fabric btw.

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    1. Yes I’m definitely going to make another one -its a cracking pattern and unlike other kids coats the hood actually stays up. I’m thinking a funky tartan one for winter (after I’ve licked my wounds).


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