Mini Me and Me, Me Made May Week 2

The glow of week 1 is wearing off and we’ve struggled a bit with this week – considering I only worked 2 1/2 days this week that’s pretty pathetic. But actually therein lies my problem. I’ve got no end of dresses and skirts for work – my work wardrobe is pretty fabulous. It’s my casual wardrobe that is the problem.

As the owner of an errant toddler I spend most of my days off crawling round the floor playing jigsaws or out walking the dog. I’ve made very few separates to date and those that I have made are mostly quite smart. So I had to rely on some inappropriate clothing choices to meet my challenge.

The little person was a different challenge. The challenge of wayward toddler’isms. She has very strong opinions on her wardrobe choices and trying to steer her towards her me made items vs say a swimsuit and wellies is challenging to say the least.

IMG_6244Kenyan trousers

IMG_6230Sweaty too big top

IMG_6293 Cabin crew-esque dress

IMG_6280 Inappropriate dress for Scottish climate

IMG_6298 Wonky stripey dress

IMG_6305 Elephant dress

IMG_6307Lace floral top and velcro toddler (surprised we were still smiling at each other given the 4.30am wake up call.

IMG_6299 Elephant trousers

IMG_6268 Yellow polkadot raincoat

2015-05-08 19.07.54Handprint trousers

2015-05-13 08.03.17 Granny knitted jumper and hat

IMG_6288Sailor trousers and a very cheeky girl


8 thoughts on “Mini Me and Me, Me Made May Week 2

  1. your daughter is adorable! I know I should be looking at the clothes, but she is just so sweet. I do feel for the 4,30 wakeup call though. Glad I’m not there any longer…

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  2. Glad it’s not just me that’s finding it more of a challenge!! I’ve also realised that my me-made wardrobe is nearly all smart stuff, not sorting out chickens and dogs, have resorted to ‘accessories on a couple of occasions!! Well done so far!


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