#MeMadeMay has created a little monster!

I signed the small person up along with myself for Me Made May.

Unfortunately the beginning of Me Made May coincided with my daughter have a complete melt down whenever I produced a camera. Which made getting images of the small child for the blog was a nightmare. Generally it consisted of me catching her unawares and was swiftly followed by ‘NO MUMMY NO MUMMY NO MUMMY NOOOOOOOOOOOO’ and some incoherent screaming.

Until this week.

This week the child learned to say her own name.

This week the child learned that she gets to look at photos after I’ve taken them.

This week has ended with the child demanding to be in every one of my photos whether she is dressed or not.

This week if I stop taking her photo I am told ‘More Lily, more Lily, MORE LILY!!!’.

So here you go. Here are some photos of what we wore but really there are just lots of photos of the small child in her PJ’s demanding more photos of her in her PJ’s.


Pic 1: Cameras are evil. Dress I made for her 1st birthday which now fits just 2 weeks away from her 2nd birthday.

Pic 2: Cameras are still pretty evil. Me made top under a Me made jacket but she wouldn’t let me photo it

Pic 3: Cameras are the most evil thing in the world. Me made Christmas top that is still wearable on a cold Scottish May day

Pic 1: Sew Over It Ultimate trousers – and a child in her PJs

Pic 2: Kenyan trousers adapted from Ultimate trousers pattern. Child in her elephant pattern trousers

Pic 3: Amazing Fit (my arse) trousers and child in her trousers made from curtains and an old bed sheet

Pic 4: Circle skirt and inappropriate footwear for stomping round edinburgh. Child in a red and white stripey self drafted pattern dress

Pic 5: Tilly and the buttons Mimi blouse. Child in PJs hogging the camera.

By the end of the week this is how much someone liked hamming it up for the camera



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