A Pledge

I’ve been naughty recently. So very very naughty. But today that is going to change.

Today I pledge that I, Lesley King, will no longer buy* fabric** that has no specific purpose*** unless asked to by friends, family or random people in the street.

*gifts of fabric are allowed

**notions, zips and other non – fabric items are allowed.

***unless I’m in a new country, city, fabric shop, market, charity shop that I’ve never been to before.

I’m not a lawyer but I reckon that pledge is bullet proof. I’ll have my stash demolished in no time. Now you’re convinced of my intention to stop buying fabric can I show off my goodies?

Yesterday I was flying back from a friends hen do and had some time to kill in Bristol when a teeny tiny Google search flagged up a branch of Fabricland that was practically on my way to the airport.




It’s got freaking giraffes on it. Giraffes! Clearly I couldn’t resist that could I?


Then there was a meeting in London that finished 2 hours early that gave me just enough time to shoot across town and try out the Goldhawk Road for the first time. And there was a sale rack! Well it will be ages before I’m next in London so clearly I couldn’t pass that up.


Then there’s is my most joyous package that came today. I signed up toΒ  6 month subscription of Sewing magazine and it came with a free gift which is the new Sewing Bee book and 2 metres of fabric. How freaking amazing is this book?! For those of you looking to learn to sew you could do a lot worse than this book. It’s brilliant and has patterns for 30 projects most of which are lovely.

The fabric wouldn’t be my first choice but the little girl will look good in it.



So go on – want to take the pledge with me?


18 thoughts on “A Pledge

  1. Cheering you on!

    I’ve been working on using up my stash & I’m getting there. Actually, I don’t even want to have a stash. I just want to get fabric on a project by project basis, because I’ve noticed that I’m most excited about a fabric when I first get it. And that’s when I want to be using it.

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  2. Good luck with your pledge! Of course, you’ve pretty much guaranteed that fate will throw you in the path of fabric that falls into all of your exception categories but hopefully you’ll be equipped to deal with it. πŸ˜€ I’m useless at cultivating a stash myself, but other people seem to be doing it on my behalf and it would be rude to say no to such generosity, wouldn’t it?

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  3. I’m definitely not going to take a pledge like that! But in case you ever really really want to fabric shop again, feel free to drop a hint – I could be your enabler, posting as a “random stranger in the (virtual) street πŸ˜‰

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  4. I’ve been on a stash busting mission myself lately, and have a rule that I can only buy fabric equal to the amount that I’ve just used in my stash. In other words, I can only replace fabric, not just add randomly to my Huge, Existing Stash. That being said, I love your rule that you can purchase fabric when you’re in a new locale. It’s a souvenir for gosh sakes! Who can deny you that?

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  5. Love your fabric. It’s really hard to abstain from buying all the pretty things isn’t it? That GBSB book is really great. I am very pleased I have it too. The jumpsuit and some of the tops are brilliant.
    Okay, I pledge too but only if I get the same rules. Am off to London for a meeting today so was also planning a swift raid on Goldhawk Road if I could. Never been there but heard so much about it. Fabric, Yay! Xx

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    1. Go cautiously on Gokdhawk road. It was like Shangrai la for me. So much choice and so little time! I may be planning a little trip to Kenya – I will be supporting a developing economy if I come back with a suitcase of fabric!


  6. Nice fabric. I can understand you, buying fabric is a kind of adiction hahaa!! Although I’m in Spain would like to have this book, it looks interesting. I follow the programm. Luck with your projects.

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  7. Hello, I just found your blog and was drawn in by the giraffe fabric. No, you couldn’t possibly resist! (and I couldn’t resists following) Since I’m just beginning to sew (again) my stash consisted of one piece of fabric, which I have just turned into a cover for my machine. I am looking forward to actually having a stash and at that time I can refer back to your pledge! Great blog, thanks.


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