Badass Birthday Frock

Oh jeez.

She’s 2.

How on earth we’re all still alive after 2 years of me being allowed to wing it and bring up this little girl.

Its not like me to be all gushy but this kid is the best. So I used her as an excuse to make a fabby dress for her birthday.

Her Aunty Anne helped me choose the fabric from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh (more on our adventures of fabric buying together another time – when I have more wine!). Its got flamingos on it. Flamingos! Freaking flamingos!! Just kicking myself for not buying more for me. It bloomin love it. 2015-06-12 21.51.22

I decided to try a new skill on this dress. Piping!

Its another Burdastyle pattern but thankfully I was able to work it out without reading their ruddy awful instructions. I used a few online blogs to learn how to do the piping. Of course it was really easy in the end – why do we build these things up in our head?

We had a little gathering down in the country park at the bottom of Roslin glen with friends and family. Twas a lovely afternoon and a lovely way to celebrate the little girls big day.

IMG_6501 IMG_6500IMG-20150612-WA0007 IMG-20150612-WA0004 IMG_6510 In other news – I just inherited a sewing table from my Grandma. I knew about the table but what I didn’t know was it would be filled with treasure. When I opened it I emitted a noise that only dogs, astronauts on the international space station, humpback whales and possibly jellyfish can hear. Sometime soon I will document whats in it for a blog post but freaking hell I’m excited!!

8 thoughts on “Badass Birthday Frock

  1. Your daughter is a very cute badass. That dress is lovely and enhanced greatly by the flamingo fabric. I miss when Remnant Kings was at the bottom of Lothian Road and had the big wall of actual remnants. Your sewing table sounds great. Hope that a Happy Birthday was had by all. xx

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