A spot of therapy?

We’ve been invited to my lovely friend Camilla’s wedding. We were at uni together amd although we didn’t technically live together I think Mills probably spent more time at our house than she did her own.

Mills is known for 2 things in our circle.
1) She is very posh and very well brought up
2) She has an obsession for doing absolutely awful accents. She is particularly fond of a bad irish accent and bad Scottish accent. Think Father Ted cross Scotty off Star Trek!

So a wedding provided me with the perfect excuse to break my pledge and buy some fabric for a new outfit. I really fancied a wiggle dress but was too cheap to buy a new pattern. Instead I attempted to do it myself by adapting an old favourite – Simplicity.

I’ve made roughly 6 dresses from this pattern now. I have to shorten the torso quite a bit and narrow the shoulders a bit but otherwise this is the perfect pattern for me.

A wiggle dress is co-called because it goes below the knees but is sufficiently tight that the wearer can only walk if she wiggles. Think Dita von teese or Marilyn Munroe.

To adjust the pattern I added 12 inches to the bottom, dropped the back neckline to a nice v-shape, lined it and tapered it below the hip. Finally I gathered the straps at the shoulders because it was a bit gappy.

I bought the fabric in London when my meeting magically finished early. This never ever happens in my world so I took this as a sign and went for my first ever trip to the Goldhawk road.

For a vintage look wiggle dress I had hoped to get some classic polka dot cotton. I was looking for the large polka dots on quality cotton which was surprisingly difficult to find. I kept finding small polkadots or cheap fabric that had been printed pretty crappily.

When I brought it home and opened the wardrobe I had a bit of a revelation. I own a lot of polka dots. A lot. A shed load in fact. Fricking tonnes and tonnes of polka dots.

It seems I am a little dotty for spots. There are spotty tshirts, spotty dresses, spotty blazers and even a spotty umbrella.



I’m vaguely considering trying to avoid polka dots for a while. I’m not promising but I might try a spot of therapy…..

Anyway back to the dress. It’s a Catholic wedding in central London so needs to cover the knees and shoulders and not too much cleavage (always an issue for me).

To cover the arms and make it a bit more sophisticated I busted out the Jackie O jacket pattern I got free a few months ago in Love Sewing magazine. It’s in yellow linen look cotton and again I lined it with a white fabric.

All in all it was a fabulous wedding in Mayfair in London and for once i didn’t disgrace myself – I left that up to the rest of the gang!






22 thoughts on “A spot of therapy?

  1. I LOVE your dotty dress! I, too, am crazy about polka dots. I’m obsessed with Argentine tango, with which for some reason, I associate polka dots. (My daughter is into flamenco, another dot-happy dance.) They’re just so happy-making! Your whole ensemble looks fantastic on you!

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    1. Thanks – given how much money was at this wedding I’m really glad i went all out with this dress. We had to walk past 3 lambourginis (don’t even know how to spell that) between the church and the venue!


  2. It looks utterly gorgeous! You’re so right about the difficulty of finding nice polka dot fabrics. The ones we have here are all printed on cheap cotton – it’s like the fancier fabrics think they’re above mere dots or something.

    I don’t really think you have a problem with polka dots, though – all the items you showed had completely different types of dots, which looks like a very healthy interest indeed. Now, if you insisted on only buying fabrics where the dots were the same size and spaced an identical distance apart, then you might need to worry…

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    1. Ooh I could stipulate new caveats specific to polka dots i.e. only buy if it’s great quality or a pattern that is rarely found. Of course this is like an alcoholic getting advice on cutting back from the pub landlord!

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  3. The dress is darling! I have more than a few dots in my wardrobe too. After all, nothing looks as fresh as a good polka dot if you ask me. the jacket is cute too. Might have to give it a try.

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  4. Wow, you look very glam and sophisticated in that lovely dotty dress. I love the hat too. Getting good quality polka dot fabric is really hard. Some of the ones with woven in spots are too heavy for a wiggle dress. Glad that you managed to get some fabric in the end. Nothing wrong with a penchant for polka dots. Did you like Goldhawk Road? I was very taken with it but probably glad that I don’t live that close. Xx


    1. Thank you very much – I got the hat from the British Heart foundation shop!

      I did like the goldhawk road but I also like that its so far away otherwise my mortgage might be in trouble!


  5. May I chime in a bit late? Your wiggly dress is amazing, as is the jacket (w no dots). And…I love dots! Any size, any configuration, any color (or multiples thereof). I especially love your dotty umbrella. And judging from the comments, many are in the same boat. So, you do not have a problem. You are perfectly normal. Feel better?

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    1. Is this when i admit that my decision to avoid dots lasted exactly 2 days? In my defence it wasn’t my fault. I walked into this lovely shop to buy ribbon and the man was such a lovely seller I walked out half an hour later with 20 quid of fabric and a plan for a new quilt pattern that I hadn’t realised I needed to make. Darn you independent local businesses!

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