Lost my mojo but found a new shop!

I’ve not been sewing lately. I’ve lost my mojo.

I’ve just not been feeling well and haven’t had the energy to do more than just lie on the sofa after coming in from work.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about sewing though. My sewing magazines and books have been getting a good reading because I find TV just too boring.

Anyhoo what’s a good way to get someone out of their slump? A brand spanking new sewing shop filled with lovely sewing goodies! Step forward A Space to Sew and Craft in Penicuik.

It was their open day today so I popped along for a wee look and was very pleasantly surprised. Its lovely! All the sewing shops near me are in Edinburgh which are great but a bit of a schlepp if I just need a few things.

This new little shop is lovely though. It has a decent haberdashery, what looks like a great selection of patterns, wool, knitting and crochet materials plus a lovely range of quilting fabrics.

Wait til I get to the best bit though. The drop in! They have a host of machines including 2 overlockers that you can rent by the hour. I still don’t have an overlocker so I may take advantage of this (I’m not speaking to Lidl right now – every year they’ve sold amazingly good value overlockers during sewing week but the fuckers didn’t do it this week. Grrrrrrr).

So while I still haven’t sewed anything I’m chuffed to bits to find a nice new shop on my doorstep and will really try to support this new business.

6 thoughts on “Lost my mojo but found a new shop!

    1. Definitely. A friend was recently telling me about a shop in Melbourne that did it but i thought it would just be a big city thing. Hopefully it will encourage all the tentative new sewers who don’t have their own machine to get started.


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