Dodgy water and getting my mojo back

We live in a small street of just 12 houses that is renowned for its dodgy water. It’s dodgy water because it gets you pregnant – A LOT!

Nine months after we moved in I started the trend with the first baby born and she was swiftly followed by a further 4 within a few weeks (thankfully not from my nethers).

Since then this street continues to keep the local NHS Maternity services busy. There’s even a fabled story of the lady in #11 who went to the doctors with a chest infection and came back pregnant.

So unsurpringinsly our street has just welcomed its 8th baby in 3 years. Step forward the lovely folks in #9 who welcomed their 3rd child to the world this week. After 2 girls they’ve welcomed a lovely little boy.

So after 2 months away from the sewing machine (more on that next time) I decided to pull my finger out and make their brand new little boy a present.

Thankfully it was a boy because the only fabric that took my fancy when I went shopping recently was this lovely nautical pack of squares. I backed it with white fleece which is nice and soft. Hopefully it should be nice and easy to wash if this little boy is anything like as messy as my little girl.

Hope you like it #9!

IMG_7022IMG_7020 IMG_7021


Sorry about the photos. It appears there is no cool way to photo a quilt. They’re soft and cosy but exceptionally boring to photograph.


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