Sewing for a chuffer

Yup I’m a chuffer these days.

This is despite going on Weight Watchers and reaching a lovely weight, learning to run (Couch to 5K is an excellent programme), doing 2 mini – triathlons and walking absolutely everywhere.

Thankfully there is a very good reason for being a Chubby McChubster….

Anyway finding patterns for new and expanding Chubsters is a challenge. I have a few from last time I was a chuffer but was hoping for a few more.

I liked this pattern and due to lack of alternatives I broke my No More Burda rule. After my last swear-a-thon sewing up Burda at least I was forewarned.

Actually for all that the instructions are still poo the diagrams were quite good.

I used a nice stretch cotton I got from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh. I think it was about  £8 a metre but can’t really remember. I also used french seams on most of it. Hopefully soon I’ll have an overlocker which will make all this a lot easier.

Clearly there is lots of room for growth. Hopefully this means when I’m at my chubbiest it should fit without flashing my (ugly) bra to the world.

I’ve got a few more patterns to do but would love to know what sewing patterns other chuffers have used during this time of their lives.

IMG_7024 IMG_7026 IMG_7027 IMG_7028

18 thoughts on “Sewing for a chuffer

  1. I do sympathize with the whole Burda thing. The instructions can be truly awful – or at least “open to interpretation”. The skirt looks great and a good wardrobe staple.


  2. It IS in the water, isn’t it?! But then, when else do you get congratulations for putting on weight! Hope you enjoy the wearing of your new blouse as much as the reason for it!

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  3. Hah this post made me laugh – No More Burda rule! Also I had to google ‘chuffer’, thankfully urban dictionary helped me out (once again). Awesome news about the baby! Do you already have children? I really hated finding good clothes to wear when pregnant and felt super unstylish most of the time. I used the meghan nelson wrap top but didn’t really like it personally. It used a lot of fabric for the ties and they were annoying to do up because they were soooo long. I also used Simplicity 1360 dress which was quite good despite not being my usual style.

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    1. Ha good old urban dictionary. Yes this is my second although in only 2 years there has been a bit of a change to the availability of decent maternity patterns. I did a few DIY ones last time but they weren’t terribly successful 🙂

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  4. Congratulations!! They really should be prescribing where you live on the NHS for infertility. I like your shirt. It looks very smart and comfy at the same time. I didn’t buy/sew any maternity clothes when I was having Sprogzilla. I lost so much weight due to morning sickness when I was pregnant that I could wear all my normal, but stretchy, clothes right up to delivery. When I lived in The Netherlands all the pregnant ladies used to wear bands of knit fabric round themselves, maybe it was to hide a gap between their tops and trousers? They looked comfy though and a bit supportive. Never seen them here. Xx


    1. Ah yes. My morning sickness could only be managed with salty carbs hence I’m now a chuffer. Least its only temporary though.

      FYI they’ve started doing those bands here too. You can just get fabric ones to hide the gap but you can also get quite supportive ones if you’ve got pelvic pain.


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