There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!

Mini me is rather taken with The Gruffalo at the moment. In fact we’ve got 2 copies of the book – an english version and a scots version. My darling husband insisted on buying the English version because he couldn’t understand it in scots – the poor sassenach (aka English interloper).

Mini me had a few shop bought costumes last year but refused to wear every single one of them and had a major meltdown at our Halloween party. Therefore I had absolutely no intention of making her a costume this year until I was shamed into doing something by a neighbour who has far more balls to juggle than me (aka 2 children to my one) and was still planning on making outfits.

Step forward The Sewing Bee’s pattern for the elephant ballerina. This was my first attempt to make anything from this book and aside from the arse of copying the pattern onto other paper it was relatively easy to follow.


I despatched the elephant ears, trunk and tutu and replaced them with mouse ears and pink tummy. I also lined the hood since Mini Me was quite enthusiastic about wearing this and i thought the fleece would stretch if i left it as a single layer.

What is gutting is I had to work the day of her Halloween party so I didn’t even get to see her all dressed up in it. Thankfully her Dad was bullied encouraged to take his little mouse to the party instead. Looks like she enjoyed wearing it – I certainly enjoyed making it.



5 thoughts on “There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!

  1. Too cute! I have a feeling my son is not going to be keen on any of the costume stuff I’ve gotten him. He also loves the gruffalo and we were considering doing family outfits from it but… too much work! Maybe if I start now we can do it next halloween.

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