The top of many f*** ups

So I’m one of the lucky few in the UK who got their hands on one of the Singer overlockers from Lidl. Actually it was my mother-in-law who got it for me – at half 8 in the morning she got the 2nd last one!


Clearly there are whole sections of YouTube and the internet dedicated to helping people thread these monstrously complicated machines. After an hour of playing I still had all my fingers intact and appeared to have threaded the machine so rather than do something sensible like practicing I decided to bust out a new pattern I’d never made before.

I definitely didn’t read the pattern through either.


So here’s my new top of many f*** ups.

In my defense its a bizarre pattern considering when one’s bump is expanding you’ve probably got reduced dexterity (and time) and are least likely to want to flash your flesh. It only really covers your boobs before you have to wrap the fabric round and round your torso in a bizarre human jigsaw method so as to try and cover all your flesh. I’m wearing a vest top underneath it because every time I bent down to put my shoes on I’d find my ‘bandages’ started gaping and oodles of pregnant flesh started hanging out.

It also makes me look a lot more pregnant than I am.

On the other hand its a nightmare to find warm, long-sleeved maternity wear. According to the shops women only get pregnant during the warm months of the year. With this having oodles of fabric and a long-sleeve version its nice and cosy.

In terms of f*** ups here’s the list:

  • I had to the sleeves 4 times on one side because it kept coming un-threaded for some reason
  • I had to unpick both sides after sewing the wrap bit to the sides because I didn’t read the instructions
  • I’ve left all the edges as raw seams. I didn’t originally but the knifey thing cut through my neat edges so I’ve decided to style it out and pretend its part of the design
  • Equally I should have switched to a blind over locked seam for the edges but couldn’t understand that page of the instruction manual and being an impatient sod just decided to carry on regardless. I believe the US Marines have a phrase for such a situation – “F*** it move on”.

So all in all its a top of many f*** ups. As opposed to Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours.

Situation normal for me really šŸ™‚

IMG_7110 IMG_7111 IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7107


13 thoughts on “The top of many f*** ups

  1. I kinda like the way it looks – but the whole wrap concept is bizarre! Surely it would have been easy to make the wrapy section fixed by gathering up the sides??!! I sometimes wonder what pattern companies are thinking (if anything).

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    1. Megan Nielson was clearly in her first pregnancy when she came up with this i.e. nice easy mornings where she could throw open her wardrobe with abandon and peruse her selection. Not someone who had a 2 year old hanging off her leg demanding cereal and Peppa pig.


  2. I made this one too and thought the concept was pretty terrible. Aside from being a pain it takes up way more fabric (and $) with the big long wraps. I modified it to use the top part then ruched tummy (at the bottom of this post which I thought worked better. Awesome news about the overlocker! I find it’s really easy to thread mine now, so just force yourself to practice it three or four times and you’ll be a pro šŸ™‚


    1. Ah you clever little thing. I looked at reviews on Pattern Review before buying it but hadn’t seen your blog on it. I may do something similar as I like the finished style just not how I get in or out of it.


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