The Christmas partaaaaay dress

The current smallest King generally has a better social life than me.

She’s also an easier size and shape than me currently to make dresses for (I’m expanding at such a rate no sewing machine in the world could cope with making dresses for me). Hence why I decided to make a party dress to last the Christmas season for Mini Me.

This is the Geranium dress from Made by Rae. It goes up to age 4 and has both a dress and top option so expect a few more iterations of this pattern in the future.

The fabric is a lovely linen-feel cotton with reindeer all over it from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh.

The dress itself was very very easy to make. The photo shoot with the opinionated toddler wasn’t quite so easy. Opposite end of the spectrum really ( I won’t include the snot and tears photos here – that would be cruel. However I’m sure your imagination can work out how much fun that was for both of us).

Aside from getting a stroppy toddler to sit still the thing I’m most proud of in this make was my pattern matching. Check me out – I’ll be on the Sewing Bee before you know it!

2015-11-18 20.55.19


10 thoughts on “The Christmas partaaaaay dress

  1. Fabulous dress Lesley and she is such a cutie! When are you going to start taking orders??? Hope you are all well


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