Household sewing and crafting

Ok this is my sewing blog and technically a lot of this blog has nothing to do with sewing. But sewists are generally appreciative of crafting right?

We’ve been doing a bit of work on the house including moving our 2.5 year old into her ‘big girl room’ to make way for the incoming baby in her old room but don’t tell her that.


Her new room is a lovely bright turquoise which until furniture moved back in looked a little mental. Now we’ve toned it down with the furniture I really like it – also it makes a brilliant canvas for sewing blog photos!


The 2 beds came from my Grandparents house. My Grandparents weren’t flash with the cash but the things they bought were generally of excellent quality and lasted a long time. I think these beds were probably 80’s judging by the shapes. I painted the headboard and legs with cream chalk paint which has made them look pretty inoffensive.


The chest of drawers was also an older style and an ugly orange wood colour which really didn’t fit with the little girls room I pictured. They were of such great quality I couldn’t bring myself to see them thrown away. On our budget the only alternative was some chipboard nastiness from Ikea so I was determined to upcycle this chest of drawers. Again I cracked out the chalk paint which is flipping amazing stuff – you don’t even have to prep the woodwork before painting. Just slap it on!


The curtains are a simple silver fabric with very subtle embossed stars on it. Eventually I’ll line then but haven’t quite got my act in gear.

There is also a quilt I’m part way through to go on her bed – its gorgeous and just needs backing fabric. Sadly its been sat in my ‘works in progress’ pile for months now. Really need to pull my finger out!

Finally because we converted our spare room which had our book case in it we needed somewhere to put our books. Check out this work of genius from the husband. Talk about making deadspace work! I just wish we had slightly prettier books for this space – if this was Pinterest I’d have some form of colour coordinated books up there.


So while I’ve lost my dedicated sewing space my little girl has a bedroom that she loves. We have a plan for my sewing space which will probably come to fruition sometime in the spring. Watch this space!

7 thoughts on “Household sewing and crafting

  1. What a lovely room. The colour on the walls is fantastic and the quilts are lovely. I have wondered about chalk paint. Thanks for the heads up that it is easier than it looks. I LOVE that book storage idea. I love Pinterest but it makes me feel inadequate sometimes. My house will NEVER look like theirs. We live in it for a start………. 🙂 Xx


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