Top 5 failures of 2015

Following on from my recap of my sewing highs of 2015, here is my round up of Sewing f*** ups. There’s no real theme to my mess ups – the only common denominator is me. I’ll let you read into that what you will.
1. Man’s shirt (no thanks to Burda)

My first attempt at menswear and I foolishly attempted this with a Burda pattern – notorious for their crappy instructions. I tried to supplement with a brilliant online step-by-step blog but fell at the last hurdle. I put the sodding arms on back to front.

Because my husband is lovely he still insists on wearing it but with the sleeves rolled up so no one can see the cuffs are on backwards.


2. Insert Swear Word Here Trousers

Fabulous fabric but totally unsuitable for trousers. Especially when the trousers are made by an idiot who can’t seem to get the size right despite having made 3 pairs of trousers already from this pattern. By the time I’d unpicked them 3 times the fabric was giving up the ghost. I’ve worn them a few times but really they’re unwearable due to fraying seams.


3. Stupidest Fabric Ever
This is one of those failures that only I can see. I wanted to make a fully waterproof jacket for Mini Me which are actually quite hard to find for small people. Because she has to walk the dog with me come rain or shine (and in Scotland there is lots of rain) being waterproof was important. What I failed to consider was how pocket placing could completely ruin the integrity of the jacket. Our first outing I pulled Mini Me out of her car seat and riiiiiiiipppppppp. The fecking pocket got caught on the car seat and ripped a massive hole in the jacket ruining my whole waterproof premise.

I fixed it with sealing tape and by sewing the pockets shut but I can still feel it mocking me every time Mini Me wears it.


4. Soothing the Inner Colour Demons

This jacket looks so right but feels so wrong. It’s just a little bit too big which means it rarely gets worn. All it will take is for me to unpick the lining at the bottom and take it in at the waist but instead it languishes in my wardrobe sulking.

Maybe one day I’ll have the energy to fix it.

5. The Mothership ‘s Kenyan Jacket
I got this gorgeous fabric in Kenya for my mum as a thank you for babysitting while I had fun in the tropics. I told her I’d make her a jacket and asked her to choose a pattern.

Unfortunately I’m a tit and forgot to check whether I had enough fabric for her chosen pattern. I didn’t and this is the first time I’ve been able to admit to the Mothership that her jacket is not coming. Sorry Mum!


4 thoughts on “Top 5 failures of 2015

  1. I love your spotty jacket. The fabric is great. That’s a shame about not having enough fabric for your Mum’s jacket. Could you mix it up and put some toning prints in, or even solid coloured sleeves/facings? Have you heard of Stella Jean? She uses some fabulous mixes of fabrics and it works beautifully. I can see some of this happening in my wardrobe for next summer. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ruddy love Stella Jean! I really don’t understand why she isn’t more mainstrean. i can’t wait til I’m no longer fat and pregnant as I’ve got a stash full of african fabrics that need sewing up.


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