The No Bodges Cape

My friend Jizzy was making nice remarks about a cape I made myself last year. She was very flattering and suggested I make them for money. After I chuckled at the idea she verbally shook me by the shoulders and said I was a twat (situation normal really).

Anyway the chat somehow culminated in her commissioning me to make her a cape.

I was very very flattered.

Then I freaking panicked.

99% in my sewing projects have ended in the words ‘Ah f*** it that’ll do’. I generally lose patience in the final few steps and bodge it somewhere.

Except I couldn’t bodge this one could I? Someone was paying for this and expected a decent job. Oh the pressure!

Anywho since Jizzy lives in London and I live in Edinburgh we went fabric shopping together by the magic of Whatsapp i.e. I took photos of nice fabric and sent it to her. We ended up choosing some lovely soft wool mix with a very small houndstooth pattern from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh. I also got a soft cream fabric (polyvore I think?) for the lining.

This is my 3rd cape from this pattern and I have to say its blinking easy to make. Its basically only 5 pieces plus a collar. The only thing that took any real effort was hand sewing the hem – 2 episodes of the Good Wife took care of that though.

Jizzy picked it up today. Its 99.9% finished (I ran out of snap fastenings) and all in all she seems very chuffed with her cape. Phew!




Are you a bodger or are you a perfectionist? Can perfectionists be friends with bodgers or would we just kill each other?

4 thoughts on “The No Bodges Cape

  1. I am a perfectionist, I had to be because it was my job. When I make other people’s samples they have to be perfect. What I enjoy about an experiment or boo boo is if you can save it and turn it into a good thing!? And you never stop learning, I think everyone who sews does it because they love it and can’t stop themselves from trying something new!


  2. I’m not a perfectionist….I just get impatient and want it finished. If I can’t get it finished quick it tends to go on my pile of works in progress!

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