5 challenges for 2016

I’ve managed to complete 3 of my 5 challenged I set myself in 2015. I’m blaming my 2 failures on getting pregnant and therefore losing all my energy (and marbles) for the last 5 months.

1) Man’s shirt was completed in the summer and apart from putting the sleeves on back to front was a relative success.


2) Creased trousers were very easy (aside from the fly!) but it wasn’t a great fabric choice so i don’t wear them that often.


3) A coat for Mini Me which I’ve also listed in my 5 failures of 2015 despite the fact that I’ve had tonnes of compliments on it. Only I know the drama I had in finalising this jacket.

4) Was the lovely tailored jacket but since I’ve been pregnant half of 2015 I didn’t fancy trying to make a fitted jacket when I had no waist to speak of.


5) This African batik fabric was my 5th challenge and I still haven’t got a scoobie what to do with it. Any ideas?


So in order to keep looking forward I’ve decided to set all new challenges for 2016.

Challenge 1: Master the overlocker
Sadly I’ll have to buy myself more fabric because I don’t have any jersey fabric in my stash. It’ll be a tough sacrifice but for the sake of self improvement I’ll force myself to go fabric shopping.

Challenge 2: Boning
Sadly i don’t yet have any posh parties or balls to go to towards the end of 2016 so i may have to just wear a fancy frock to Toddler group come December.

I got Gertie’s vintage sewing book for Christmas which looks to have a great tutorial for boning as well as a lovely couple of dress patterns like this one.

Challenge 3: Underwear
I’m not going to be any more specific than that – it will either be knickers or a bra. I’ve found all the other bloggers writing about their adventures in making underwear v inspiring this year. Now I’ve got an overlocker I have no excuse not to try except that my ass is the size of the moon and will continue to be mahoosive until I get this baby out.

I think that’s as much as I want to set myself a challenge at this stage. Lets face it – in a few months just getting out of PJs before midday is going to be an impressive feat!


9 thoughts on “5 challenges for 2016

  1. Well done you for 1) setting challenges 2) meeting most of them! Wow! About your last comment: at that point I started wearing nightwear that I could get away with day time, cotton legging + a pretty oversized T-shirt to hide nursing bra 🙂

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  2. Good yo set goals, and realistic to limit them, given that you have a baby on the way. I have a 12 week old and I agree: getting a shower in can be a minor miracle!! 🙂

    Good luck with everything! & happy new year!

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  3. Good luck with your challenges in 2016! I think a fancy dress like Gertie’s would be perfect for all manner of things from taking out the bins to doing the shopping. There’s no point doing all of that hard work and only parading it around on a couple of fancy occasions, after all!

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