Operation Boob

I’ve run out of inspiration for maternity sewing. Instead I’m turning my thoughts to post-baby. In particular the top half of me because I reckon I’ll be in my elastic waisted trousers for some time after.

I bought a few nursing tops last time which were good in the first few weeks and months when I was a bit self conscious. I also often went for the loose top over the top of a nursing vest as a winning combination.

Everything looks tired now though. Especially so as Mini Me was a champion puker so everything has been washed and worn a lot.

So I’m collecting patterns and inspiration for Mark II Mini Me.

1) Grainline archer
A button-up shirt is excellent for babies and for hiding wobbly bits. I’ve only really started making shirts last year. They take a bit more patience than I normally display but I’m getting better.

2) Sew Over It Anderson Blouse
Again not designed as a nursing top but I can’t see why not. It’s a cross over blouse that looks quite roomy. Perhaps a bit fancy for toddler group and Bookbug but if I choose the right fabric it should still be a washable wearable option for lugging the small one round.

3) Simply Sews Gillet
I flaming love this pattern so I’m going to claim it’s a nursing friendly pattern. After all it gives easy access and covers the unruly tummy!

4) Copy of Asos overlap top
I got this top from Asos as both a maternity and nursing top. I really like it so I’m going to have a shot at copying it.

Colour pallete and fabric ideas
Baby is due in March and I’m unlikely to be doing much sewing for a month or two so I should probably be looking at summer colours.

My favourite colours tend to be
– red
– orange
– navy
– white

I figure if I stick to a sensible palette and don’t get too distracted by crazy cool prints I could pull off a whole new wardrobe for Operation Boob.

I’m also going to aim for quality cottons and not get distracted by cheap patterns. Whenever I buy cheap I always regret it later.

What do you think? Are there any other obvious nursing friendly patterns I’ve overlooked?

17 thoughts on “Operation Boob

  1. I’m nursing at the moment and am pretty useless at sticking to a ‘nursing’ wardrobe. I usually take a big floaty scarf then just lift up my top! I made a couple of sleeveless shirts that are good. They didn’t fit for the first few weeks though because my boobs were so big, so don’t be disheartened if you have the same problem! I forgot that they take awhile to settle down.

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    1. Thanks for reminding me re size. I was thinking about sizing up a couple of sizes on the shirts. I figure I can take in the side seams as I (hopefully) slim down.


  2. I’ve been eyeing off the Anderson blouse too, but decided to try (try!) and stick to patterns I already own. Currently sewing a Grainline Alder but with snaps instead of buttons. I did a similar round up of feeding-friendly patterns too about a month back since I love wearing dresses.

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    1. Ah hah I found your post. Great ideas on there – I didn’t wear many dresses last time round as they weren’t massively practical for me. Some good options though in your post for tops as well.

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  3. For the Archer pattern, you can cut the pattern piece at the lengthen line & add about 10 inches (or however long your little heart desires) & pleat the front piece up until the length matches the back. This way you have “belly room” and a pretty sweet maternity top!

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  4. No good ideas from me. I couldn’t breastfeed as Sprogzilla was lactose intolerant. Some lovely ideas though and I really like the ASOS top. That Gilet pattern has been on my hitlist for a while. Have you ever sewn a “Simple Sew” pattern? How is the sizing compared to the Big4? Do they have a lot of ease? Xx

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    1. Good Q re the Simple Sews. I’ve only made their Jackie O jacket pattern so far. It fit me well actually with no adjustments needed – normally I have to narrow shoulders on jacket patterns.


    2. I’ve made the simple sew Gillett and sizing is pretty accurate to the packet. This would work great as a feeding top, especially if you used a double way zip so you can undo from the bottom of you wanted.

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