Sewing for Meeeeee!

After the last month or so of sewing for others I decided I was ready to attempt another maternity pattern for me.

I’m now at the point where maternity clothes definitely fit.

However I’m also at that point where I can’t see a great deal of point sewing (or buying) anything new since I’ve only got a few months to go.

Thankfully due to a bit of thriftyness I managed to bust out this Burda blouse at no extra cost.


We sold my Grandpa’s house last year and during the cleaning out process I was given practically free reign over any of the textiles. I now have a wardrobe full of curtains and sheets that I was fully intending on just using as toile fabric. However as my Grandma was never one for buying cheap, some of the material is just too good to waste.

This blouse is from an old bed sheet – god knows how old but I’d guess it was at least 1980’s. The floral pattern along the bottom I thought looked fun.


The blouse was tackled on my overlocker which is one of my sewing challenges for 2016 – to master the beast! Since I’m still finding the tension thing terrifying I backed up all the seams on my normal machine.

This is view B of the Burda pattern I blogged about in September. So I’ve now got a view A shirt and a view B. Strangely view B is really tight over the bust – I could really do with lengthening it to make it truly comfortable. The difference in comfort is probably also down to fabric choice – View A I used stretch cotton but sadly Grandma’s old bed sheet didn’t have any stretch to it.

I reckon I’ll get a fair bit of wear out of this at work. It may even prove wearable post-baby when I’ve got a jiggly tummy and trying to remember how to breastfeed.

Sadly it doesn’t seem like it is possible to take a good photo of me while pregnant. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll wish I had more photos of me but right now I think I look like a heffer and can’t wait to revert back to a normal shape.


P.S. I know I’m not following the good guidance being doled out on taking good photos inside but its just after Christmas and we still have stuff all over the place.

8 thoughts on “Sewing for Meeeeee!

  1. Great job! And you look great. Is this your first baby? I just had my first 3 months ago and I felt the same way about buying too many maternity clothes, but they’ve certainly been useful post-delivery, initially because my regular jebas and pants didn’t fit but the shirts are comfy and cover the jiggle-belly, too! so maybe you’ll be able to put them to use for a little while after,too. Good luck!! 🙂

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